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CTE Curriculum

Career Technical Education (CTE) in Vista Unified School District (VUSD) is a comprehensive and innovative program.  CTE courses are designed by industry specific pathways that offer multi-year course sequences leading to post-secondary education options.  All CTE courses integrate core academic knowledge, industry specific technical training, and opportunities for student internships at local businesses. Students who complete a career pathway successfully complete a minimum of a foundation and advanced course in a single field of designed study.

Each course outline reflects skills students will need to be successful in the twenty-first century workplace.  CTE course outlines are designed to offer five (5) separate columns of information:

  1. General course outline
  2. Hours needed to teach each section of the course
  3. Competencies students will master during the course
  4. Curriculum standards (CTE and Common Core)
  5. Assessments

CTE courses are written by CTE teachers with input from community business and industry partners.  Our industry partners are a crucial component in giving teachers direct insight of which specific skills and equipment are needed to prepare students for entry level positions.  Course curriculum is reviewed each year at Curriculum Advisory meetings in order to keep program competencies state-of-the-art and relevant to current industry demands. 

New courses go through the following process:

  1. Course is written by the CTE teacher
  2. Approved by the CTE Coordinator/Director
  3. Reviewed by a course specific CTE advisory committee
  4. CTE teacher completes the High School Course Proposal and High School Course Details forms
  5. Course presented to CTE Department Chairs for approval
  6. Course presented to the High School Curriculum Council for approval
  7. Course presented to the District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) for approval
  8. Course presented to the Board of Education for approval
  9. A course number is generated

*If the course is to be submitted for University of California a-g approval, the CTE teacher will create the submission.  The Director of Secondary oversees the UC a-g submissions for VUSD. 

**Over 11,000 CTE courses currently meet the UC a-g admission requirements.  

Once established, how do we review the quality of each CTE Program?
View the Self Review Matrix for Perkins Program Monitoring Self Study Review, titled the California Department of Education Career Technical Education (CTE) 11 Elements of a High-Quality CTE Program Self Review Tool.