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Vista CTE is thankful to all of the supporters of our educational programs and externship placements.

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Teacher Externships

CTE Teacher Externships

Vista Unified School District is proud to announce their Career Technical Education Teacher Externship Program, which will allow Career Technical Education (CTE) teachers to participate in a two-day summer externship with local businesses. This externship program will enhance the skills and industry knowledge of the teachers currently educating our future workforce.

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What is an Externship?

A CTE teacher externship is a short-term, job shadow experience.  The purpose of the externship is for CTE teachers to go back into industry and update their skills and knowledge, learn new "best practices" and to form new community partnerships.  The experiences teachers gain will help them teach their students current industry standards.  

For Businesses Hosting a Teacher: 

Externships provide an excellent opportunity for you to support CTE teachers, by sharing your knowledge, skills, and experience with the ones at the front lines of workforce development.