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Student Internships

CTE Student Internships


Please visit www.vistactepartnership.com for more information.

1. Does a CTE Internship have to be tied to an existing CTE course?

Yes. students must be currently enrolled in a CTE course in order to be in a CTE course-paired Internship. Interns must be at least 16-years old and be at the junior or senior status.

2. Are CTE internships optional?

Yes. Internships require commitment and responsibility. CTE instructors choose students who are ready for internship opportunities and who will represent the CTE teacher, CTE course and Vista Unified School District (VUSD) as a model of educational excellence and innovation.

3. What are the main responsibilities of the CTE teacher who facilitates an internship?

a. Maintain a valid CTE teaching credential
b. Comply with all labor laws
c. Educate employers/site supervisors regarding CTE student learning objectives
d. Visit internship sites
e. Complete paperwork correctly and submit time sheets monthly

4. What are the main responsibilities of the CTE student intern?

a. Meet the competencies outlined in the CTE course outline
b. Turn in monthly time sheets and journal entries to the teacher
c. Show up to the job site on time and as assigned. Any absence must be reported to the site supervisor and CTE teacher before the scheduled internship is slated to occur
d. Act responsibly, dress appropriately, and maintain excellent work habits
e. Provide own reliable transportation to and from the job site
f. Immediately report any uncomfortable situation to the CTE teacher

5. What are the responsibilities of the CTE student’s parent or primary caregiver?

a. Read, agree and sign the CTE Internship Parent Permission document
b. Understand and agree to the need of self-transportation to and from the job site
c. Communicate regularly with son/daughter about the internship and what he/she is learning
d. Keep an open line of communication with the CTE teacher regarding any questions or concerns

6. Is there a difference between a Community Classroom (CC) internship and a Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) internship?

Yes. CC internships are non-paid; while CVE internships are paid. Thus, CVE students receive pay for their work and the student becomes an employee of the business.
CVE interns that are under 18 years old need a work permit and follow the terms of service on the permit.

7. Are students covered by insurance if they are injured while on the internship?

Yes. CC (non-paid) interns are covered by Vista Unified School District. CVE (paid) interns are covered by the employer.

8. Does the CTE teacher have to make visits to the internship site?

Yes. Mandatory visits are required. There will be one initial visit per new site to complete the site agreement and review the student participation agreement and student competencies. Additional site visits by the teacher will occur once every six weeks.

9. How many CTE student interns can one teacher be in charge of?

Students are allowed to earn two intern certificates per year (60 hours each).
The maximum number of students on a course-paired internship cannot exceed 30 at any time.

10. Who supervises student interns?

CTE students are supervised in a two-prong approach. While at the internship site, they are supervised by the training site supervisor appointee. CTE students are also supervised by CTE teachers who will monitor student intern progress via regular site visits and ongoing communication with the job site supervisor, classroom instruction, one-to-one conversations, journal entries and verification of timesheets.

11. Is there a written training agreement with the job site?

Yes. Written training agreements can be found in the Internship Handbook. The agreement will define the responsibilities of the employer, the student and the CTE teacher.

12. Will CTE teachers be compensated for facilitating CTE student internships?

Yes. In addition to a CTE teacher’s existing contractual agreement, teachers may choose to participate in the CTE internship program and will perform the internship duties outside their regular work day. CTE teachers will be compensated as follows:

  • 1 hour pay, according to the teacher’s salary schedule for each initial visit to a new site.
  • 1 hour pay, according to the teacher’s salary schedule for each site visit. Site visits are mandatory once every six weeks.
  • Mileage for site visits must be turned in separately. Mileage forms are available through office managers at each high school site. Teachers complete the form, attach a MapQuest type of verification of mileage, sign, and turn into the CTE Coordinator monthly.

13. Is there a maximum number of students allowed to participate in CTE internships per teacher, per fiscal year?

Yes. sixty students per teacher, per fiscal year.