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Over 30 Mission Vista High School students participated in the Mission:Code computer programming competition.

Over thirty Mission Vista High School students participated in the Mission:Code computer programming competition.  MVHS seniors, Aaroh Mankad, Chris Martin, and Eric Ceballos organized the seven hour event where eleven different teams had the mission of designing and implementing an interactive 2D or 3D game from scratch.


Students used NetBeans or Unity as their development environment and programmed in java, java script, and C#.  Mission:Code event supervisor, Jeff Yee, was amazed by the determination and focus by the students.  Mr. Yee said, “The students had six hours from beginning to end to create their games.  I expected the students to take a couple of breaks in between, but they just kept on going.  Even when the pizza and sandwiches were delivered, they continued to code and eat at the same time.”


After the six hours of coding were done, each team presented their game.  The games were judged by Aaroh, Chris, and Eric.  The stakes for winning were high with prizes totaling $170 which were donated by the school’s Computer Game Programming Club.  First place for 2D games went to Vincent Whizen, Nuel Maravilla, and Matteus Thresher and first place for 3D games went to Spencer Nettles, Thomas Webb, and Marcus Moore.  After Mission:Code was over, Jeff Yee asked the participants if they would come back next year and there was a unanimous vote of yes.  Mission:Code far surpassed the expectations of the organizers and they were thrilled to have created an event that will only get bigger and better.  Thomas Webb said it best, “I really enjoyed the experience and had a great time.  I would definitely do it again even without the prizes.”


by Jeff Yee

Mission Vista High School

Bernie Sanders Rally at Rancho Buena Vista High School - May 22nd, 2016

The Bernie Sanders campaign people were kind enough to allow Tom Berger, Chris Tompkins and me to bring in some students as "press" to take photos and videos.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime and such a treat to be able to see our campus in a different light.


I have to say that the campaign people were extraordinarily kind, gracious, and so supportive of our students. They went above and beyond accommodating us, and in many cases gave our students the same chance to get the best views, the same as they gave CNN or Time Magazine.


I also have to say how incredibly kind the press were to me and to our students. CNN gave us a tour inside their communications van, and just about every photojournalist gave me their card and offered to visit our school. They were also all impressed with how beautiful our stadium was and what a nice school it was!


The crowd was respectful and very excited to see Bernie Sanders speak. Overall it was a tremendous experience for us all, and I'm thrilled they chose RBV to hold their rally!


Here are the photo essays that our students that attended the Bernie Sanders rally as press created. I'm extremely proud of the talent of their photography and wonderful writing, and so grateful for the special opportunity they had. Thank you thank you thank you so much Chuck, Eileen and Sandra for making this happen!!!

To See Images from the Rally: http://www.kellymoncure.com/proofing/bernie-sanders-rally-may-22-2016-vista-ca


by Kelly Moncure, BFA, MA

Photography Teacher

Rancho Buena Vista High School

(760) 727-7284 x72231


Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.


Jonathan Tarr Foundation with Martie Napier's CTE students discussing teens & distracted driving.

Jonathan Tarr Foundation Classroom Visit for Martie Napier

Industry Experts Consult RBV on Solar Project

Industry Experts consult RBV on solar project

By Robert Ahern, Architect LEED AP

The Rancho Buena Vista (RBV) High School Pre-engineering classes got treated to presentations by industry professionals

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Culinary Arts Students Battle in Cooking Competition

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VHS Sports Medicine - San Diego Chargers

Allissa Cole, CTE Sports Medicine teacher from Vista High School took a field trip with her students to meet the Chargers head trainer, James Collins. Students

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CIA - Jessica Dobrin_309x206 2014 Culinary Student - Plunkett.jpg

Former VHS Culinary Student Jessica Dobrin is a 2014 International Gold and Silver Plate Society Stipend Recipient

Future of Foodservice Student Spotlight: Jessica Dobrin

Posted by IFMA February 01, 2016

CTE Being Recognized at the National Level!

President Obama recently amended the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program by adding a new component -- recognition for excellence among students in career and ...more

Vista Teachers Touch Down In The Real World

By Editor / August 10, 2015

Ray Huard …. Vista High School teacher David West couldn’t believe what happened to him during a two-day stint at KPBS-TV. ...more

The Benefits of Internships at Small Companies = Win Win!

Leonard Williams 08/10/2015

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Rancho Buena Vista HS Robotics Program Awarded Grant

Dadre Rudolph, CTE Robotics teacher at Rancho Buena Vista High School was awarded a grant from The Institute for Teaching in the amount of $19,999.

Vista Teachers Brush up on Their Technical Fields with Experts
Published: 6/15/15
Posted by: Donna Tlachac - Sys Admin

VISTA — Career and technical education teachers in Vista Unified School District ...more

New SDCOE Model for Participants 2016

Dear Program Participants,

Recently, the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) has made significant changes to the Clear Designated Subjects Credential Program. You are receiving this ...more

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